4 thoughts on “Водяной (Дадоян) : Vodianoj (Dadoyan)

  1. Paul Thompson

    I am looking to buy some of your leaves if you have some for sale.I live in France and have a nice collection of A/Vs but I want to add some fancy ones to my collection.I am not too good on this ere computer and find it difficult to use so a landline telephone number would be useful and better for me.Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.The varieties I am mostly interested in are the Optimara leaves or plants.Kind regards,Paul

  2. Paul Thompson

    Hello Jenner,I first contacted you on 02/08/2016 so you may not recall my enquiry but I really want to buy some of your exotic looking A/Vs like DADOYAN. Do you sell leaves or just the plants?.If you sell leaves I will want to buy quite a few but ifits plants it will be less.I have a substantial collection but not any fancy ones with curly petals like DADOYAN and would love to have a lot of them.Sorry I have not been in touch since August but as I said at the time I am not too good on this machine and I have only just come across your reply ,and that was accidental so again I apologise.If you reply by EMAIL that will help and you will get a quick reply because I check my inbox every day.Thank you,regards Paul.

    1. AfricanViolet.co.uk

      Hi Paul – I listed an email above where you can write and we can discuss what you’d like. Cheers!


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